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Cut Off and Containment Solutions

CMI has decades of successful experience protecting some of the nation’s most challenging chemical containment, levee seepage, and groundwater cut off projects. Our products have been utilized in numerous U.S. remediation projects, including federally funded SUPERFUND and EPA-managed sites. Our team of experts and engineers can provide solution and design assistance for any of our ShoreGuard and UltraComposite sheet piling products used in the following cut off or containment applications:
  • Chemical Containment
  • Seepage Barriers
  • Groundwater Cut Off
  • Foundation Protection

Design Cut Off and Containment Walls

The benefits of synthetic sheet piling in containment applications are numerous. Our sheet piling solutions are often used in projects where other material options have failed. The world’s top engineers select CMI products for their cut-off and containment needs for a number of reasons:
  • Our sheet piles are driven directly into the ground, so there are no dangerous air emissions.
  • We reduce soil mixing, hazardous material disposal issues, and the need for large volumes of water at a jobsite.
  • The National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) specifies vinyl sheet pile for a number of different applications including containment.
  • CMI products are known for being lightweight, which means easier handling and more economical shipping.
  • These products require less equipment on your jobsite, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
Composite Sheet Piling Installation

Cut-Off and Containment Walls Using Sheet Piling

Our innovative manufacturing facility is the only one of its kind in the world, designed to produce sheet piling that can stand up to salt water, jet fuel, and the most corrosive chemical environments (even those containing VOCs, BTEX compounds, methane vapors and NAPLs). Read the case studies in our cut off wall section to see how engineers designed containment barriers with ShoreGuard vinyl and UltraComposite sheet piling. Benefits of using synthetic materials include a minimized construction footprint and less equipment at the job site. Many clients consider using our PileClaw Installation Equipment to assist the installation of vinyl or composite sheet piling containment walls.
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Build Better Seepage Barriers

When designing to prevent seepage, quality materials and manufacturing processes are key to a long lasting resolution. CMI’s exclusive XCR Manufacturing Technology integrates state-of-the-art material processing, high precision die technology, and vinyl formulations to produce the world’s most reliable, environmentally friendly sheet piling products. Patented I-Beam Lock technology provides extra durability for challenging installations, making the entire surface area impermeable to seepage. When interlock sealant is used in conjunction with I-Beam Lock technology, these sheets can provide permeability rates superior to that of conventional slurry walls.
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Proven Solutions for Containment Issues

Especially when it comes to cut off and containment walls, some of our best work can’t be seen. Learn how CMI products can make a difference in your chemical containment, levee seepage, groundwater cutoff, or foundation protection project by viewing our case studies. When you are ready to start your project, let our team of experts help you select the right sheet pile profile for your design.
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