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Flood Protection

CMI has been providing successful flood protection structure materials for over two decades. CMI’s sheet piling currently protects some of the nation’s most valuable assets – including international airports, national monuments and some of the largest oil refineries in the world. Our sheet piling solutions can be used in the following flood protection applications:

  • Flood Walls
  • Levee Freeboard Increases
  • Dam Stabilization
  • Piping Protection
  • Seepage Barrier
  • Levee Repair

Synthetic Flood Walls Offer Protection

For decades our team has been helping government agencies and engineers design flood wall solutions. CMI sheet piling is often used to stabilize and raise the height of levees and earthen dams. Our products are designed to prevent overtopping, internal seepage, piping of stratum, surface erosion and rodent damage. They can also be used for cantilevered floodwalls in levee repair projects. In addition to being proven as a flood protection solution, our products are also:

  • More sustainable and environmentally-friendly
  • Tested, used, and proven by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for 15+ years
  • Used to replace expensive, corrosive steel sheet piling (such as PZ-27)
  • Cost-effective: flood wall and levee repair projects can be completed for half the cost of projects using conventional materials

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Flood Walls to Protect Against Climate Changes

Flood protection has become a bigger focus for municipalities, corporations, manufacturing facilities, and homeowners as they begin to understand and respond to the impacts of global climate change. The good news is that CMI is ready, with the world’s widest, strongest synthetic sheets in the world. All three of our sheet piling material options have been used to design flood wall or levee repair solutions. The engineering library on this site offers specifications, drawings and CAD downloads of ShoreGuard, UltraComposite and AlumiGuard sheet piling profiles to begin designing your flood protection project.

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Cost Saving Levee Repair Designs

The potential cost savings of using alternative materials like synthetic sheet piling are substantial as we face the necessary upgrade or repair of thousands of miles of levees and earthen dams that do not meet current FEMA standards or 100-year flood design criteria. By offering long-lasting, cost effective sheet piling profiles, CMI has been able to lower material and installation cost for critical flood protection construction. Past projects using CMI products have saved municipal, state, and federal governments millions of dollars. Our case studies can provide material, design and installation details of our past flood protection projects.

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Leverage Our Synthetic Structures Design Expertise

CMI would like to help you lower project costs and provide better flood protection for your projects. From the Jefferson Memorial to New Orleans levee repairs, our team has worked on hundreds of crucial flood protection projects. Leverage our experience and learn how to value engineer traditional designs with synthetic sheet piling. Contact a CMI expert now for more information and design support.

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