CMI Sheet Piling

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Providing equipment to drive sheet piling, is just one more way CMI closes the gap between project concept and project completion. Our PileClaw mandrel is designed to drive ShoreGuard and UltraComposite sheet piling profiles. Consider using the PileClaw in the following situations:
  • Concerns of Drivability
  • High Blow Count Soils
  • Possible Underground Obstructions
  • Driving to Extreme Depths

Installation Equipment and Technology

Driving any sheet piling material to significant depths is a challenging task. PileClaw Installation Equipment, from CMI, offers a range of solutions developed to assist in the driving of ShoreGuard and UltraComposite synthetic sheet piling to desired depths. PileClaw Installation Equipment’s proprietary technology offers 20 years of documented performance. And, all PileClaw Installation Equipment has several quality control and installation construction advantages over conventional sheet driving methods.
ABI and PileClaw

Patented, Proven Solutions

CMI’s ShoreGuard and UltraComposite sheet piling have been used to address some of the most challenging flood control, chemical containment, levee seepage and groundwater cut-off projects. Patented 30” and 36” box profiles, the patented I-Beam interlock and XCR Manufacturing technologies have made our brands a trusted solution for engineers and contractors for over 25 years. The PileClaw has been through a decade of research and development to provide the best driving assistance for the patented features of our ShoreGuard and UltraComposite profiles.
Installation of Sheet Pile

PileClaw Mandrel

CMI’s Mandrel technology incorporates patented features that help it deliver superior results. The Mandrel can be used with a variety of traditional driving equipment including cranes, excavators and Mobilram pile drivers such as ABI models. CMI has specifically fabricated the Mandrel to work with multiple CMI profiles and sheet lengths.
Installation of Sheet Piling

PileClaw Drive Guide

Further enhancing the capabilities of the PileClaw Installation Equipment is the DriveGuide. With an adjustable width, DriveGuide can work for a variety of our sheet pile profiles. The DriveGuide assists in keeping the sheets aligned and plumb during installation. This results in a better overall finished structure. When used in conjunction with the PileClaw Mandrel, DriveGuide also aids in keeping the sheet pile in the ground during mandrel extraction, increasing the rate of installation. DriveGuide is color coded for easy on-site assembly, reducing labor time in the field.
Large Sheet Pile Installation
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