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Marine Structures

CMI has built their reputation on marine structures. Over twenty years ago, the vast number of compromised seawalls needing repair gave the founders an idea: create durable, long lasting marine structure materials. Since then our company has grown and now ShoreGuard, UltraComposite and AlumiGuard sheet piling is installed along thousands of miles of coastlines. These sheet pile products are commonly used in the following marine applications:
  • Bulkheads
  • Seawalls
  • Tide Walls
  • Breakwaters / Wave Breaks
  • Jetties
  • Groins
  • Erosion Control / Scour Protection
  • Retaining Walls

The Marine Applications We Built Our Name On

CMI’s most popular brand, ShoreGuard, made its name in the marine structure industry over 20 years ago. ShoreGuard sheet piling has been used for two decades as a sustainable seawall and bulkhead construction material. CMI and ShoreGuard now offer the largest selection of synthetic sheet piling profiles that can be used in a wide variety of marine structures from homeowner seawalls to large, commercial bulkheads. Within the last decade, CMI released UltraComposite FRP sheet piling for the construction of heavy-duty bulkheads as well as other marine walls. CMI offers the strongest vinyl and FRP sheet pile profiles on the market today. Whether you choose ShoreGuard or UltraComposite for your bulkhead, CMI’s sheet piling offers high performance, long life cycle and low environmental impact solutions at substantial cost savings.
Vinyl Sheet Pile Bulkhead

ShoreGuard Bulkheads and Marine Structures

ShoreGuard has provided a cost-effective, sustainable and attractive building material for seawalls that can be installed easier and provide a longer service-life without toxic coatings or preservatives. ShoreGuard bulkheads are corrosion-free, UV resistant and impervious to marine worm damage. ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling is available in over 20 profiles including 30″ wide box profiles and our FlatPanel sheet piling profiles.
Frozen Lake Bulkhead

Composite Bulkheads and Marine Walls

Composite sheet piling and round piles have been successfully used over the past decade in thousands of commercial and private projects with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Navy and numerous state and local municipalities. CMI’s UltraComposite sheet piling and pipe piles are a cutting-edge building product that offers many advantages over traditional materials such as steel. Compared to steel sheet piling, UltraComposite is more corrosion resistant, easier to handle and can provide substantial cost-savings during shipping and installation. UltraComposite is often specified for bulkheads in areas that do not want sheet piling that requires toxic coatings or continual maintenance yet require heavier loading support than vinyl.
Composite Bulkhead

Aluminum Marine Construction

CMI also offers AlumiGuard, an aluminum sheet piling product. AlumiGuard is a commonly utilized, proven and trusted building material. AlumiGuard’s line of marine grade aluminum sheets have been used for over 40 years in the construction of seawalls and bulkheads. AlumiGuard possesses a high strength to weight ratio and it’s rigidity eases installation. In addition, AlumiGuard sheet piling exhibits excellent corrosion resistance making it a high performing, low maintenance material in harsh marine environments like salt water.
Aluminum Bulkhead

Bulkhead and Marine Structure Components

To increase the durability of marine structures, CMI offers components like TimberGuard and ArmorWare. These proprietary structural piles, wales, caps and tie-rod systems are low maintenance options to traditional materials such as treated wood, concrete, and galvanized steel. Used in conjunction with CMI’s products, these components can help maximize the service life of your marine construction solution. See how CMI can help you reduce project costs and provide a safer, longer-lasting solution by contacting our marine experts.
Bulkhead Components
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