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Water Control

A water control structure is a device that alters the flow of water in a stream, drainage channel or storage pond. Sheet pile products from CMI have proven to be a sustainable, long lasting solution in many water control projects. Our synthetic sheet piling is commonly used in the construction of water control applications such as:
  • Baffle walls
  • Weirs
  • Fly Ash Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Water Diversion
  • Acid Mine Drainage

Designing for Water Control Applications

Top project engineers, government agencies, and general contractors all over the world choose to design with and install CMI sheet piling for a long list of water control applications. From demanding projects involving harsh acid mine drainage to simple erosion control or water diversion operations, the CMI family of sheet pile products have been used successfully for over two decades. In fact, the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) specifies vinyl sheet pile for a number of different applications including; toe walls for scour protection, weirs, undermining protection, stream bed grade stabilization, bank slope stability, and bank retaining walls.
Water Control Designs

Pond and Channel Lining

Engineers and hydrologists have been designing water control structures for thousands of years, diverting water to irrigate fields and protect against flooding. In the past many of these structures were constructed from earth, concrete, or steel, and required routine maintenance and regular inspections. Advancements in manufacturing and material science have provided additional products and technologies to design longer lasting, cost effective water control structures. Synthetic sheet piling is an easy to install solution to line channels and ponds. Protecting against erosion and providing a seepage barrier, sheet piling structures can be designed as fly ash ponds, retention ponds and channel liners.
water control

Sustainable Weirs and Water Diversion

ShoreGuard Vinyl and UltraComposite FRP have decades of proven field performance as a successful structure solution to controlling water and protecting land. Baffle walls and weirs constructed from ShoreGuard’s vinyl sheet piling is an eco-friendly and sustainable structure solution which contains over 90% recycled materials. The inert effect of this innovative material provides a long lasting solution that does not rust nor leach chemicals like other material options. The installation of vinyl sheet pile panels also minimizes ecological disturbance, a great benefit for environmentally concerned areas. For projects with extreme strength requirements, UltraComposite sheet piling is also a great material choice for many water control structures.
water control

Design Support for Water Control Applications

Read more about the water control issues we have helped solve in our case studies section. CMI also offers product engineering support should you need assistance designing your water control structure with ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling or UltraComposite Sheet Piling.
water control
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