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Bridgeway Acres Slurry Wall Relocation

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Restoration with Sheet Piling


The Pinellas County Bridgeway Acres (BW A) Landfill includes an area of approximately 705 acres. The entire site is enclosed by a subsurface cut-off wall constructed using traditional slurry wall technology. At the BW A Facility a network of piezometer pairs are used to monitor the gradient across the wall on a monthly basis.
Sheet Pile for Cut Off Project

Project Scope

The County and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) were developing roadway improvements on the northern perimeter of the BWA facility. The existing cut-off wall extended into the right of way of the roadway project. In consultation with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) it was determined that the cut-off wall must be relocated away from the area of roadway construction. Due to the geologic conditions in the area and the limited success of the slurry wall, SCS researched other technologies to solve the problem. After extensive geotechnical evaluation of the site, they concluded that slurry was not an option due to potential compressibility, site constraints, and the potential of erosion over time.
Installation of Cut Off Wall


ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piles are two feet wide, reducing the number of interlocks. Vinyl sheet piles can be manufactured to any length that is transportable. During installation, a hydrophilic sealant was installed in the interlock. The sealant expands to several times its volume when coming in contact with water and can result in an effective permeability of the sheet pile wall of less that 5×10-11 cm/sec. The vinyl sheet pile and the sealant are environmentally safe, nontoxic, and designed for use in aggressive chemical environments. At the Bridgeway Acres Facility a network of piezometer pairs are used to monitor the gradient across the wall on a monthly basis.
Early PileClaw Installation


Vinyl sheet piling was installed using the PileClaw Installation Equipment’s Mandrel and a vibratory hammer. The Mandrel was used at the leading edge of the bottom of the sheet pile to aid in penetration through resistant materials. Each sheet pile was driven in a three foot deep trench. Then the Mandrel was removed, leaving the piling in the ground. The trench was later backfilled, covering the entire wall. Reference Documentation: The relocation of subsurface cut-off wall for a major urban MSW disposal facility.

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