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Capital Partners Acquires CMI Limited Co.

Capital Partners Acquires CMI Limited Co.

CMI is pleased to announce that Capital Partners and CMI management acquired CMI on September 18, 2017 from Crane Group, family-owned holding company headquartered in Columbus, OH who had owned CMI since 2003.

Capital Partners is a private investment firm founded in 1982. Its principals have invested in more than 75 platform and add-on acquistions across a variety of industries. Based on the combination of solid investment discipline and our low leverage approach, they have succesfully partnered with management teams through mulitple economic cycles.

Capital Partners and CMI management are focused on growth though organic initiatives and acquisitions. Capital Partners financed the transaction primarily with equity in order to provide a strong balance sheet from which to implement CMI’s growth plan.

Duane Bryant stated, “Capital Partners provides CMI with the financial strength and board room expertise required to accelerate our growth through investing in sales and marketing, greather efficency, and acquisitions.”