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Galestown / Millpond Dam Reconstruction

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Dam Rebuild Project


The Galestown Road and Millpond Dam needed to be entirely reconstructed. The decayed pressure treated wood retaining wall, was already in rotting condition when a strong storm in 2006 washed it away. The release of dam water from the 600-foot wide Gales Creek quickly caused Galestown Road to collapse. The reconstruction project was funded by Dorchester County with significant support from FEMA and MEMA. The design and construction phases were closely scrutinized and approved by the MDE’s Dam Safety Division, DNR’s Environmental Review Division, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Sheet Pile and Piling Structure

Project Scope

Although this project had some unique design elements, this is one of many road stabilization projects that has involved CMI and the family of ShoreGuard® Synthetic Sheet Piling products. Engineers and project managers compared ShoreGuard® with traditional materials and methods used for dam stabilization, including standard earth embankments, concrete retaining walls, and steel sheet pile walls. ShoreGuard was determined to be economically, structurally,aesthetically and environmentally optimum system to support this roadway as a dam. The selection process involved meetings with the regulatory agencies and the residents of the Town of Galestown and Dorchester County at large. All involved chose ShoreGuard because of its high performance, long-life cycle, environmentally friendliness and cost effectiveness.
Sheet Pile Dam Dam Construction


Andrews Miller and Associates (AMA), the engineering firm working on the project, provided the design of the 22 foot deep ShoreGuard® Synthetic Sheet Piling on both sides with compacted select fill and a unique tie-back system to support the dual lane roadway. ShoreGuard’s patented I-Beam Lock feature ensured a strong and durable connection to prevent seepage through the wall. This structure doubled as a dam for the 10-ft deep, 40-acre Galestown Mill Pond. A concrete box culvert was built into the design of the wall to allow control of the pond height.

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