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Florida Gas Plant Superfund

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Containment Wall with Vinyl Sheet Piling


The Plant Site is located in Florida Location, Houghton County, Michigan. Florida Location is part of Calumet Township, Michigan. The Plant Site is a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) property located in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Franklin Street and Lake Linden Avenue (M-26) The drainage ditch, which historically received uncontrolled discharges of coal tar waste, is located adjacent to a residential community, surface water body, and a wetland. The imminent and substantial threat is related to the off-site migration of coal tar and dense and light non-aqueous phase liquids (D/LNAPL) in groundwater near the site that may be used as a drinking water source for area residents and the wetland aquatic ecosystems which present an exposure risk to human health and the environment.
Project Plans for EPA Superfund Site

Project Scope

Engineering control measures include the use of a low permeability vinyl sheet pile wall to abate the ongoing migration of contaminants, which are leading to contamination of the ditch. Time Critical Removal Action at the site was implemented per the recommendations of the Site Assessment Report (WESTON, 2007). Additionally, six monitoring wells were installed at the site for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of the sheet pile barrier.
Installation of Vinyl Sheet Piling used by the EPA


Construction was completed in September of 2007. WESTON subsequently conducted three rounds (October 2007, January 2007, April 2007) of groundwater monitoring and monthly static water level/free product checks. The ground-water monitoring and free product checks provided a base-line to determine current/future contaminate movement, if any. The results of the monitoring and product checks indicated the sheet pile barrier is effective in preventing further off-site migration of gross contamination; and contaminates did not move beyond the margins of the barrier during the monitoring period. The final field activity was conducted on July 10, 2008. The sheet piling wall, without sealant, contained the site.
Construction at the Superfund Site


In August 2007, the process of installing the impermeable barrier around the site was initiated. This impermeable barrier consists of vinyl sheet piling that were driven into the ground based on historic and site assessment soil and plume data. Sheet pile installation began on the NW corner of the property and followed the fence line south along M-26 to Franklin Street and east along Franklin Street to the NE corner of the property.

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