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Introducing: RodentGuard


CMI has developed an anti-rodent formula in conjunction with XCR manufacturing technology to produce a PVC material that provides integral, non-toxic, rodent deterrents within the sheet pile itself. This specialized formulation is incorporated to the sheet piles virgin capstock material, it is not a sprayed-on or field-applied material.

Foreseeing A Need In The Industry

As the rodent populations are rising worldwide, so is the economic damage they cause. Some rodents, burrow into earthen levees and dams for shelter and safety. These burrows can fill with water. Changing water levels then create seepage paths or “piping”, leading to internal erosion of embankments and the potential for their catastrophic failure. Embankment failures can cause property damage, loss of life, and interrupt crucial delivery of water in many parts of the world.

Even after 30 years and thousands of PVC sheet pile installations with no reported incident of material damage from rodent attack, CMI researched new ways to further increase the rodent resistance for ShoreGuard vinyl sheet pile in levee, embankment and earthen berm applications.

Staying True To Core Values

To honor CMI’s commitment to sustainability, the additive is environmentally friendly: it does not contain any lead, heavy metals, insecticides, rodenticides, or bromine. The chemical additive does not kill. Instead, the formula repels rodents on multiple sensory levels. Its potent foul smell typically causes a fear response. Particularly aggressive rodents are further deterred by the additive’s dermal irritation and extremely bitter taste.

Product Testing

Full-scale tests were conducted by the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in which PVC samples were introduced to a rodent population. There were two sets of samples: treated and untreated. After the initial gnawing of the treated PVC samples, the rodents learned that the material was not pleasant and stayed away from the samples. 

The RodentGuard technology is available in all of our ShoreGuard vinyl sheet pile profiles. Its development is another advancement in CMI’s innovative line of synthetic sheet piles.

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