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Playa Verde Bridge Flood Wall

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This vehicular bridge crosses the Rio Desaguadero, a river that swells and flows up to 9950 cubic feet per second during Bolivia’s annual rainy season (October -February). The bridge is located in an isolated region, accessible by only a single dirt road that frequently requires closing during the rainy season.

Project Scope

“Due to intense rain and subsequent flash flooding, accelerated erosion of the river banks is a common result in this region. The installation speed of ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling allowed us to protect our newly constructed bridge before erosion could affect the structure, saving us costly repairs and continued maintenance,” said Mario Rivera, Executive Director of SNTIC.
Coro Coro Bolivia Install


CMI’s ShoreGuard-425 was installed nearly twenty times faster than the region’s traditional solution, gabion baskets. Eliminating the costly baskets reduced up-front project costs by 20%, and long-term savings are significant. Traditional gabion baskets would require replacement several times over a 50-year period.


CMI partnered closely with Soluciones de Nuevas Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (SNTIC) to break down its container shipments into smaller trucks that would not get stuck in the mud. CMI’s ShoreGuard-425 sheet piling was the preferred product, in part, because it weighs 83% less than the most common steel profiles; freight was optimized and cost overruns were avoided. While bridge construction took nearly 2 years to complete, CMI’s sheet piling installation began in January of 2014 and finished less than three months later, in early March of 2014.

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