Components for Sheet Piling Structures

In addition to offering the widest variety of sheet piling profiles and material options, CMI offers complete structure solution components. ArmorWare accessory products are specifically designed to pair with our ShoreGuard, UltraComposite and AlumiGuard sheet piling. At CMI, we know that the life cycle of your structure is only as long as the least-durable component. The ArmorWare line of products is designed to match the longevity and service life of our most popular sheet piling products. The proprietary structural wales, caps and tie-rod systems are low maintenance options to traditional materials such as treated wood, concrete, and galvanized steel. Learn more about ArmorWare structure and seawall components in the categories below.

ArmorWare Cap

Sheet piling walls often require a cap for structural rigidity. ArmorWare caps, available in aluminum and composite, are corrosion resistant products engineered specifically to enhance synthetic sheet piling structures. Both material options of the ArmorWare cap require little to no maintenance. The aluminum ArmorWare cap comes in several color options to match the ShoreGuard sheet piling and AlumiGuard products including mill-finished aluminum and anodized grey, clay or bronze. Several aluminum ArmorWare cap profiles are available and all come with a cap kit to seamlessly connect one section to another. ArmorWare composite caps come in two different profiles to match the wide variety of composite sheet piling profiles CMI offers.

ArmorWare Rods

Steel tie back rods are strong when installed but are often the first component to fail due to rust and corrosion. When tie rods are exposed to the elements, especially in settings near salt water, the seawall or sheet pile structure will need to be inspected regularly to check for signs of early failure. Avoid the maintenance routines by choosing CMI’s ArmorWare Rods. CMI’s innovative tie rods are protected with a durable, high-density poly coating in the environment-exposed section of the steel rod. ArmorWare Rod’s protective system long outlasts traditional tiebacks in marine environments. For AlumiGuard’s all-aluminum seawall systems, ask your CMI representative about CMI’s aluminum tie back options or visit the engineering library.

Wales for Bulkheads and Other Sheet Pile Walls

When used in a marine environment, the wale of a sheet piling structure is often the most exposed component. ArmorWare wales were designed to stand up to wave action, UV exposure and other environmental impacts. The line of ArmorWare wales unique shapes have been efficiently designed to provide maximum structural support while remaining corrosion-resistant. If CMI’s composite or aluminum ArmorWare wales are not right for your project, CMI also offers TimberGuard Wales.

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