Installation Equipment

CMI understands that driving any sheet piling material to significant depths or in difficult soil conditions is a challenging task. That’s exactly why CMI developed PileClaw Installation Equipment: to provide complete solutions for the most challenging installation environments. PileClaw is our proprietary steel mandrel installation technology, incorporating patented features to improve the installation of ShoreGuard and UltraComposite synthetic sheet piling.

The PileClaw Mandrel has been successfully used in many different driving conditions, and has installed CMI sheet piling at depths up to 70 feet. PileClaw Mandrels are compatible with traditional driving equipment including cranes, excavators and Mobilram pile drivers. We have several PileClaw lengths and sizes specifically fabricated to work with multiple CMI profiles and sheet lengths.

With an adjustable width, the PileClaw DriveGuide can work for a variety of sheet piles and Mandrels to improve installation. Its built-in system helps keep sheets aligned and plumb during installation, taking stress off the interlocks. The PileClaw DriveGuide increases the rate of installation, holding sheet piles in the ground during extraction. This tool also reduces labor time in the field, thanks to easy on-site assembly.

How Can PileClaw Installation Equipment Technology Help Your Project?

More details about using CMI’s proprietary installation equipment along with ShoreGuard or UltraComposite Sheet Piling can be found in “PileClaw Engineering Considerations”, a pdf file which can be found in our engineering library. To learn more about how PileClaw Installation Equipment works, or to find out which ShoreGuard and UltraComposite profiles can be supported with the PileClaw steel Mandrel technology, contact a CMI representative.

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