FlatPanel Sheet Piling

FlatPanel is one of CMI’s latest contributions to the engineering and construction communities. The flat-front sheet piling profile is an attractive alternative to corrugated sheet piling. It can be used in numerous applications including seawalls, retaining walls, flood protection and water control. In addition, anchored, canilevered or geo-grid supported walls can be designed using this advanced, single profile. The FlatPanel’s innovative shape provides stability and added stiffness during the installation process. The two foot wide panel reduces driving episodes, which can lead to increased profitability at the job site.

All of ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling profiles, including FlatPanel, are manufactured using CMI’s proprietary extrusion process based on 65 years of plastics expertise.This XCR Technology integrates state-of-the-art material processing and high-precision co-extrusion. This innovation offers the most advanced UV protection, the only textured surface available in vinyl sheet piling and documented long-term performance. The FlatPanel incorporates many other patents including the I-Beam Lock which increases lock integrity and decreases impermeability rates.

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