Marine Lumber and Piles

TimberGuard is CMI’s innovative line of polymer-protected wood pilings and lumber. These products are used in marine applications or in conjunction with ShoreGuard sheet pile installations. TimberGuard offers a cost-effective, longer-lasting, safe alternative to treated wood. TimberGuard’s product line includes encased round timber piles as well as a wide variety of dimensional lumber. TimberGuard dimensional lumber has been used in a wide variety of marine applications including seawall components (cap, wales and structural piles), piers, docks and other projects where convention lumber is often used. Our innovative polymer protection system eliminates the primary sources of traditional wood piling failure and offers advantages including:

  • Resistance to rot, UV damage, and marine borer damage
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable solution
  • Safe for use in protected bodies of water and environmentally regulated areas

  • Most wood protection products are sprayed on in the field, use fasteners, are manually wrapped, or are made with application methods that create areas of weakness within the outer layer and can lead to premature failure.

    TimberGuard is produced by an automated process to ensure consistency, precision, and quality control. Our unique polymer protection system, available in multiple colors, is applied to the entire piling in a seamless process, meaning no fasteners required. It does not adhere to the wood, which allows the piling to expand and contract naturally.

    Is TimberGuard Right for Your Project?

    TimberGuard requires minimal maintenance, extends the life of your product and reduces the long-term costs of your projects. Many technical questions about TimberGuard can be answered by reviewing “The Effectiveness of Plastic Encasement as a Timber Preservative”, a white paper located in this site’s engineering library. If your project can benefit from TimberGuard’s safer, longer-lasting solution contact a CMI representative to get more information and get a quote.

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