Composite Sheet Piling

CMI’s UltraComposite line of products includes the strongest, most durable composite sheet piling profiles available. Structural composite materials are not new. For several decades composites have been utilized for bridge decks, girders and superstructures. For the last 10 years, UltraComposite sheet piling has served as an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steel sheet piling in marine structures, flood walls, and seepage barriers.

In order to provide the best fiberglass piles on the market, CMI knew the manufacturing process and quality control procedures would be critical. Accordingly, the UC Series of composite piles are the first and only composite piling that is pultruded in an ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility. Pultrusion is the most advanced manufacturing technology utilizing carefully calibrated steel dies and forming tools giving the UC Series consistent shape, thickness, and dimensional tolerances on profile and size. In contrast, processes such as spin casting or vacuum infusion, which make one part at a time, have an increased possibility of human error and variance in the product. To further ensure long term performance, CMI’s pultruded UltraComposite products, including fiberglass sheet piling, are all made with a proprietary engineered glass laminate design allowing higher glass content per thickness than vacuum infusion or spin casting. CMI UltraComposite construction materials are revolutionizing the industry and are replacing steel, wood, and concrete on a daily basis.

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