Fiberglass Pipe Piling

UltraComposite pipe piles are used for docks, piers, foundations, dolphin pile structures, mooring poles and in many other applications. Compared to wood, steel, or concrete, UltraComposite piles offer a multitude of advantages including higher performance, corrosion resistance, less environmental impact, and lower life-cycle costs.

UltraComposite piles are stronger than comparable wood, steel and concrete options. As low as 25% the weight of steel, UltraComposite piles will increase safety and reduce liabilities on jobsites as they are easier to handle and can be installed with conventional pile driving equipment. CMI’s UltraComposite piles are corrosion resistant and require virtually no maintenance as sealing, coating or painting is not required. Because our fiberglass round piles do not contain toxic preservatives like CCA (arsenic based), coal tar epoxy or creosote, they can be used in bodies of water and areas with environmental restrictions and are a ‘green’ construction material. When considering the strength, the low transportation and handling costs, the elimination of maintenance expense, and the estimated 100 year design life, UC composite piles provide, by far, the best value available for piling.

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