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In a continued effort to provide the construction and engineering communities with innovative products, we are proud to announce the release of the new ArmorWare VersaCap. Unlike any other capping option available today, the VersaCap is the one-size-fits-all system for seawalls. Manufactured with our exclusive XCR Technology, the VersaCap’s vinyl material extends the same long-term performance that our customers have relied upon for decades to our synthetic capping. The future of seawall design, VersaCap provides a durable, versatile and economical capping solution.


With its customizable feature the VersaCap stays true to its name, accommodating the most popular sizes of CMI’s ShoreGuard vinyl, AlumiGuard and UltraComposite FRP sheet pile profiles. By simply modifying the center section of the three-part system, VersaCap easily adjusts on-site. It is also compatible with many common sizes of ancillary wall components, including top wales, banding boards, wood cap facades, and backing boards.


VersaCap will not rust, root, or splinter. Completely synthetic, it requires minimal maintenance. Our UV-stabilized cap can withstand the harshest marine environments.


VersaCap offers a cost-effective alternative to concrete, wood and composite deck capping. Unlike the traditional 20-foot long caps, VersaCap’s light weight 10-foot components are easier to ship and handle. Freight expenses are greatly reduced due to its unique ability to ship “flat”.

Easy Installation

The installation of VersaCap is a straightforward process, with the use of a handheld circular saw the cap is easily tailored to the installed wall width and permanently snapped into place. The VersaCap system comes complete with color-matched, stainless steel, self-tapping fasteners which secure the cap into the vertical face of the wall. Available in grey and clay colors, VersaCap is not only an attractive addition to any bulkhead but a truly long-lasting solution.

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